Advanced Materials Processing Corporation

Engineered Surfaces - Thin Film Technologies



AMP thin film coatings are used in a wide variety of applications. Our state of the art low temperature Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IBAD) technology can deposit virtually any material on metallic, ceramic, polymer, and glass substrates with excellent adhesion and film properties.

  • Optical coatings
  • Medical device coatings for added value and performance
  • Hard, wear resistant coatings
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
  • Environmental and permeation barrier coatings
  • Protective coatings
  • Coatings on metallic, ceramic, polymer, and glass substrates
  • Ion beam and plasma surface modifications
  • Low friction coatings
  • Custom design and fabrication of coatings
  • Contract R&D for new products and applications


AMP offers several thin film coating technologies and measurement tools to provide the highest quality services to our customers.

  • 4-pocket electron beam evaporation for depositing multi-layer structures
  • Ion beam assisted PVD deposition for improved adhesion and film properties
  • Sputtering process
  • Large processing chamber (36"x36"x48"). Can process substrates up to 12"OD in planetary motion (or rotation) or 32"OD in single motion (or rotation)
  • Profilometer for thickness and surface roughness measurement
  • Spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmission measurements from UV-NIR (190nm-3000nm)
  • Stereo microscopes for quality control and inspections
  • High temperature oven for post bake processing